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Baby Cam

This past winter, the geek in me set up a couple ip cameras around the house so that when Laura and I were out, we could check in on what Gus was up to. I added another one so I could see the baby’s crib while in Hong Kong, and added a third in the living room for security.

They are neat, cheap little ip cameras from Foscam and when set up, I can view and hear live video on my computer or iPhone from anywhere in the world, in real time. They even come with motion sensors to take pictures of a burglar.
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Vladimir Photo

One of the last flights that I flew at Chautauqua, I brought my camera along to take a few cockpit photos. It was also the flight that Laura came along on, so that she could be my passenger. The blog about that story is here. Anyway, I took a photo of the co-pilot Vladimir Naskovski and sent it to him.

A few months later, he got a call from a Macedonian Magazine that was doing stories about Macedonian airline pilots around the world. He sent them his story and included my photo. My photo of him showed up on the front page of the story! Now I can say I’m published, sort of. I don’t get hung up on photo rights and all that stuff and am just happy for him and that the photo worked out. Now, if I could only read the article. Clicking the picture may increase its size for you.

Photo Gear

If you are looking to buy a new camera this holiday season, look no further than Ken Rockwell’s website for advice on choosing the right camera. He is an avid photographer that buys and then reviews just about every camera on the market and does a great job of explaining what is important, and what is marketing fluff.

Wether you are a novice, or a pro looking to buy a $10,000 camera system, Ken’s site is the place to start. If you love photography as much as I do, you’ll really appreciate his site. Click his photo to be taken to his “Recommended Camera’s” section, updated for November 2008. You can see his entire site, at


P.S. This is the camera that I want. Yikes, I better start saving!

Nikon D40

I’m excited about it, and will update this blog post with more about the Nikon D40 as I have time . . .

I also got the flash. The D40 comes with a pop up flash, but the optional flash provide a lot better light, and more options with bounce effects (pointing it up to the ceiling to get a softer light, instead of harsh, in your face, blasts of white light, like the on camera flash provides.)

I also ordered a fun little remote! It is wireless and now, when Laura and I want to make our photo with both of us in the shot, I can press the remote button and bingo! We can get a nice shot of us without me having to set the timer, run back into the shot, and then trip on something, so I have a picture of me looking crazy, like in this picture. There is just something funny about watching a countdown light from ten seconds, knowing you have to hold still, smile but not laugh, and be ready when the light stops blinking and the shutter fires. We took our Christmas card photo about 25 times to get it right. Hopefully, with the remote, when we have found our positions, stopped chuckling, and are ready, I can just squeeze off the remote button, and boom, picture!

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